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Ultra-fast Evaluations

When it comes to entering evaluations, keying in every bet, card and decision can be time-consuming. When the number of players at the table fluctuate, keeping the table configured properly adds to that burden.

What if, all you want to know is if the player is counting cards? BJSurvey only needs your player's bets and the count to determine that. BJSurvey does not need to know:

  • Decisions (his or everybody else's)

  • How many players are at the table

  • Who gets which cards

  • Win or loss

BJSurvey has a special mode, called "Live Mode" for that purpose. When you activate "Live Mode",

"Live Mode" in the "Settings" window

the "Game" window, hides the "Decision", "Card" and "Total" columns and only shows the bet columns. If any spots where marked as "Occupied" before, BJSurvey changes them to "Empty".

Game Window with "Live Mode" active

Now, all you have to do is enter your player's bets, followed by entering all the cards of the round (in no particular order) into the "Remove Cards" window. You finish the round as usual with the "New Round" command.

Cards entered into the "Remove Cards" window

Counts are still calculated

BJSurvey still determines if a player is a card counter, but no analysis is done about the player's decisions.

The Bar Graph is still available

The Scatter Graph is still available

Without the need to keep the table configured to the number of players at the table, not having to enter the decisions and not having to worry about the sequence of the cards, the data entry speed is significantly increased. An experienced operator can most likely keep up with even a fast-paced live game using "Live Mode".

The caveat of "Live Mode" is that you are not getting any analysis of the player's Basic Strategy skills - or any other analysis that is linked to the player's decisions.

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