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BJSurvey is an extremely accurate, easy to use Blackjack player evaluation system, which analyzes all aspects of a Blackjack player and provides detailed reports and graphs to assist you in making the right decisions about a player.

Main Features

  • Detect Card Counters

  • Detect Shuffle Trackers

  • Detect Ace Trackers

  • Exact player ratings

  • Detect Hole-Card players

  • Detect Top-Card players

  • Calculate player's luck

  • Evaluate the entire table in one step

  • Analyze players playing multiple spots

  • Flexible rules to accommodate any casino

  • Combine evaluations for analyzing short sessions

  • Live Mode for live game analysis

  • Comprehensive reports

  • Easy to read graphs

  • Full PDF support

  • Custom Keyboard

  • Integrated Digital Video Recorder


  • Synopsis

    A report that describes in plain English how skilled or unskilled a player is and how lucky he was.

  • Summary Report

    This report gives you the entire analysis of a player with meticulous detail.

  • Tracker Report
    A detailed analysis that tells you if a player is ace- or shuffle- tracking including the advantage he gains - if any.

  • Decision Report
    A breakdown of all the player's Basic Strategy decisions of all the dealer's up-card vs. the player's total.

  • Hand Report

    A listing of each round a player played, including his bets, cards, and decisions as well as the dealer’s cards and count information.

  • Sequence Report

    A detailed breakdown of every bet, card, and decision together with in-depth statistical information.


  • Bar Graph

    Displays the player's bets in chronological order together with the count.

  • Scatter Graph

    Groups the player's bets by their size and displays them in correlation to the count.

  • 3D Graph
    Similar to the Scatter Graph, but in a 3D view.


  • 24 Hour Technical Support

  • Emergency On-Site Support

  • Numerous Video Tutorials

  • Regular Program Updates

  • At-cost Refresher Training

Industry Leader

BJSurvey is the unparalleled leader in the industry, with clients world-wide. BJSurvey has been #1 since it was introduced in 1992.


World Game Protection article:

Using Software to Enhance
Surveillance Customer Service
By Willy Allison

More Information

Our products and services are comprehensive, but due to the sensitive nature of this business, the information we can provide to the general public is limited.

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