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Data Integrity Wizard

Data entry mistakes can happen. You can use the Data Integrity Wizard, which is located under the "Wizard" menu, to scan all rounds for the following anomalies:

  • Occupied spots having less than 2 cards

  • Incomplete Dealer hands (unless all players busted)

  • Deck running out of cards (shuffle missing)

  • Player standing below 12

  • Player hitting a hard 17 or soft 19

  • Player surrendering when rules do not permit this

  • Player doubling down on a total that is not permitted in the rules

  • Player doubling down after splitting when rules do not permit this

  • Empty rounds

Once the scan is complete, a list of possible errors is listed.

When you select one of listed item(s), the appropriate round is displayed in the Game Window:

Dealer stood on a 15. This could be a data entry error or the dealer's mistake.

It is good practice to run this check every time when you are done with an evaluation.

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