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Improve Data Entry Accuracy and Speed

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

The BJSurvey Trainer is not only the perfect companion for BJSurvey, but useful to anybody who wants to increase their ten-key speed, recognition accuracy and speed of the cards displayed on a surveillance monitor.

The built-in scoreboard turns this application into a fun and challenging competition. BJSurvey Trainer works with both custom keyboards as well as a regular computer keyboard. There are 40 levels to complete where each level makes it increasingly difficult to recognize the displayed card - mimicking the challenges you face in your surveillance environment.

In addition to honing your card recognition and ten-key typing skills, the BJSurvey Trainer also teaches you all the keyboard commands. Using the keyboard instead of the mouse will significantly improve your data entry speed.

BJSurvey Trainer is already installed on your BJSurvey computer and you can find it under Start | Programs or on your desktop, but you may be download and install it on any computer your wish.

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