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BJSurvey Setup

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Deciding where and how to set up BJSurvey can initially be challenging. Following the guidelines below will make that task easier.


Any location where you can watch the video that you are entering into BJSurvey is OK. However, using BJSurvey away from the "front lines" significantly improves data entry speed (and accuracy).


The two most common setups are installing BJSurvey either

  1. on the same computer as your digital surveillance application or

  2. on a separate computer located next to it.


Same Computer


  • Computer with dual-monitor capability


  • Use just one keyboard to control the video playback and to enter the data into BJSurvey.

  • Use BJSurvey's Digital Video Recorder (DVR) function without the need for additional hardware.

  • Use the DVR at the highest possible video quality.


  • You must use BJSurvey's DVR. Since the DVR adds significant productivity benefits, this can hardly be considered a disadvantage.


Separate Computers



  • Using the DVR is optional


  • Switching back and forth between two keyboards/mice to a) control video playback and b) enter data into BJSurvey. This disadvantage can be eliminated by using the DVR.

  • Video Capture device is required to use the DVR.

  • Reduced video quality due to the conversion process when using the DVR.

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